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TMZ Needs to Chill Out a Little Bit

An actual unsolicited email from our friends at

Subject: TMZ EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Kobe Bryant — Secret NBA Training with the Jews

Body: Your use of this photo is permitted starting today through December 5th, 2011

Any use thereafter must be cleared again with TMZ.

It may not be archived or used as file photo stock unless permission is granted by TMZ.

In addition, the TMZ bug must remain onscreen and unobscured and credit must be given to TMZ below or above the photo.

You may also use this photo on your website, provided a MANDATORY link to is included in the accompanying article. Please note the above rights are for within the US and Canada.

No international usage is granted on all releases with our exclusively owned photos/photo without permission.

Please confirm that you agree to these terms & conditions.

Online and On TV
**Please feel free to use the story below with proper link and credit**

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