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Top 20 LPs of the First Half of 2013

Inspired by Steven Hyden over at Grantland, here are my 20 favorite albums of the year to date, more or less. Listen to them and others in this big-assed playlist on Spotify if you like. Careful, though: You have to be pretty tolerant of indie-dad rock to stand it.

1. Phosphorescent :: Muchacho

2. The National :: Trouble Will Find Me

3. Foxygen :: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

4. Jim James :: Regions of Light and Sound of God

5. Yo La Tengo :: Fade

6. Kanye West :: Yeezus

7. Still Corners :: Strange Pleasures

8. Camera Obscura :: Desire Lines

9. Jason Isbell :: Southeastern

10. Iron and Wine :: Ghost on Ghost

11. Vampire Weekend :: Modern Vampires of the City

12. Daft Punk :: Random Access Memories

13. William Tyler :: Impossible Truth

14. Kurt Vile :: Wakin on a Pretty Daze

15. Unknown Mortal Orchestra :: II

16. Futurebirds :: Baba Yaga

17. Local Natives :: Hummingbird

18. Sonny & the Sunsets :: Antenna to the Afterworld

19. Deerhunter :: Monomania

20. Ducktails :: The Flower Lane

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First of all, we don’t publish slideshows. Instead we publish scrollable lists so readers don’t have to click a million times and can easily scroll through a post. The primary reason to publish slideshows, as far as I can tell, is to juice page views and banner ad impressions. Slideshows are super annoying and lists are awesome so we do lists!
Jonah Peretti (emphasis added)

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